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LARGE-R than Life: Unveiling the Phenomenal Records of Rohit Sharma

  • Royal Stag Fan

  • 6 June 2024

Rohit Sharma has already become a stalwart of Indian cricket with his massive scores and loyal fan following nationwide. The batter is exceptionally gifted with effortless hitting, which makes Sharma a player to watch out for in the upcoming T20 World Cup in the USA. As the cricketing world eagerly anticipates the tournament, all eyes will be on the Indian captain as he adds to his impressive legacy on the global stage.

Sharma boasts an array of records to his credit, with his dominance in hitting colossal sixes standing out prominently. Let's take a deeper look at all the prolific Rohit Sharma records.

List of Rohit Sharma records

Rohit Sharma's record list is as expansive as it can get. He has also scored the most hundreds in a series in ODIs. He holds the record for scoring the most runs in a single match in ODIs. He has hit the most sixes in T20 international matches. Other than all the records mentioned above, he also holds the record of scoring the most hundreds in T20 international matches.

Rohit Sharma's ODI record

The first Rohit Sharma ODI record that deserves mention is the number of double hundreds the Hitman has scored in the 50-over format of the game. He has as many as three double tons to his name while playing in one-day international matches for the Men in Blue. He also holds the record for the most runs in an ODI match when he scored a blistering 264 against Sri Lanka at Eden Gardens.

Sharma has scored as many as five international tons in a single series, which is also the most by a batter. His boundary-hitting ability is second to none, as he can hit fours and sixes at will. This is evident by one more record that the Nagpur, Maharashtra batter holds. He has the record of scoring the maximum number of runs in an innings only by hitting boundaries.

Rohit Sharma's Test Record

Rohit Sharma's test record list is prolific, and it started right after the first test match that he played. He is among the few players who scored a ton in their first test match. Sharma also scored a hundred in each inning of a test match. He achieved this feat against South Africa in Visakhapatnam in 2019. He scored 176 and 127, respectively.

Rohit Sharma's T20 record

The most prolific among Rohit Sharma's T20 record is that he is the first batsman to have scored as many as five international hundred in T20 international matches. Later, Mohammad Rizwan also achieved that feat, and now Rohit is the joint record holder for the maximum number of centuries hit by a batter in T20 internationals.

Rohit Sharma's International captaincy record

Rohit Sharma's international captaincy record is remarkable. Sharma has proved himself an effective leader, with a win percentage of 73.91 as of March 2024. Sharma has now led the Indian team in 115 matches, out of which he has secured a victory in as many as 85.

Rohit Sharma's World Cup record

While speaking of the most illustrious Rohit Sharma World Cup record, one cannot help but highlight the fact that he is currently the fourth Indian captain after Kapil Dev, Sourav Ganguly, and M.S. Dhoni, to have led the Men in Blue to the finals of a World Cup. He also has the record for making the most appearances in T20 World Cup matches, with as many as 39 appearances.

Rohit Sharma's Sixes record

Sharma holds the record for hitting the maximum number of sixes in his T2O International career. He has hit as many as 190 sixes by now. Rohit Sharma's sixes record is unparalleled, as he has hit the maximum number of sixes across all formats with a tally of 597 sixes in total.


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