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2024 Upcoming Music Concert in Pune You Should Not Miss

  • Royal Stag Fan

  • 20 Feb 2024

Attention music fans in Pune - an epic musical extravaganza is headed your way in March 2024! This one-of-a-kind spectacle promises to fuse the infectious beats of Bollywood with the raw energy of hip-hop into an audio-visual carnival. With the adrenaline rush of live performances meeting the glamour and style of Indian cinema, it's guaranteed to be a complete entertainment bonanza for audiences. Block your calendars and grab your passes to the Royal Stag BoomBox concert today!

2024 Upcoming Music Concert in Pune

If you're a music fan residing in Pune, 2024 is set to be an epic year for live concerts! From indie pop to Bollywood to EDM - Pune will play host to some of the biggest musical acts and exciting new talent. But the ONE forthcoming music concert you absolutely cannot afford to miss is Royal Stag BoomBox landing in Pune this March 2024!
As a first-of-its-kind musical celebration by Royal Stag BoomBox, it brings together the magical melody of Bollywood hits with the raw energy of hip-hop beats. This thrilling fusion is set to create a 'world of music' that must be experienced live - right here in Pune!

What is so Unique about Royal Stag BoomBox Happening in Pune

Unlike other music concerts focusing on a single genre, Pune upcoming concerts, Royal Stag BoomBox unites established and rising talents from across the Indian music industry for one epic stage. The goal is to blur the boundaries between Bollywood and hip hop to ultimately deliver a complete musical experience celebrating the spirit of 'Living It Large'. The Pune edition of BoomBox will transform The Mills Sangamvadi into a musical hub on March 23rd, 2024. You can expect a handpicked lineup bringing together diverse sounds for an audio and visual extravaganza. Also, the upcoming music concerts in Pune are worth experiencing.

Artists Performing Live at Royal Stag BoomBox, Pune

The lineup for the Royal Stag Boombox concert in Pune reads like a who's who of the Indian music industry. The concert is set to be a sensational hit with these artists:

Armaan Malik

The prince of pop Armaan Malik will work his mellifluous magic on stage with his original hits and popular Bollywood renditions. His youthful voice sparkles with an infectious optimism that will surely make the crowds grove. If you're his fan, you must definately attend this upcoming live music concert of Armaan Malik in Pune.

Armaan Malik

Nikhita Gandhi

The Indian playback singer renowned for collaborating with A.R. Rahman to Bollywood hits lends her hypnotic vocals spinning out melodies. Nikhita Gandhi is guaranteed to cast a spell on audiences with her signature folksy style.

Nikhita Gandhi

Dee MC

Hailing from the underground hip-hop scene, rapper Dee MC brings her signature spitfire flow and socially conscious rhymes. Get ready for raw and real music that moves you delivered with his flawless flow.

Ali Merchant

Spinmaster DJ Ali Merchant will drop hit remixes of popular Bollywood and hip-hop tracks on the turntables. The dancefloor will surely pop with his quality mixes pumping up the energy all night!

With this hand picked lineup uniting diverse musical talent, the open-air venue at The Mills Sangamvadi will transform into a magical hub where melody meets hip-hop beats. The electrifying atmosphere and bonhomie created is absolutely unmissable!

Ali Merchant


Royal Stag BoomBox offers a fresh boutique festival experience that music lovers in Pune have been craving. Grab your tickets today on Paytm Insider, BookMyShow, or log onto Ticketgenie before they sell out! This is THE must-attend live music event in Pune 2024, guaranteed to create memories for a lifetime. See you there, Punekars!