Check These 2024's Upcoming Music Concerts in India

The Indian music concert scene is heating up in 2024, with some fabulous performances by leading singers and bands lined up across cities over the next few months. From romantic balladeers to Sufi pop stars to hip-hop sensations, the range promises entertainment for fans of all genres.

This article offers a sneak peek into some of the top Indian musicians who will be enthralling audiences with their soulful numbers and foot-tapping beats at hotspots like Pune, Jaipur, Indore, and more as part of their 2024 India concert tours

Upcoming Music Concerts in India 2024

Come 2024, Royal Stag BoomBox is all set to dial up the excitement on its much-awaited concert tour across India. Promising to be a musical celebration uniting established names along with rising indie talents, it will unleash distinctive sounds resonating with new generations.

Delivering the best of mainstream and underground scenes, stalwarts like rapper Badshah, pop icon Armaan Malik, and songstress Neeti Mohan will share stages with progressive artists like rapper Dino James, singer Nikhita Gandhi, Dee MC, Ali Merchant and desi hip-hop pro Ikka.

The electrifying journey promises cutting-edge genres from indie pop, flows, rap and fusion filtrating through cities. Each act with their signature styles - be it soulful singing, hard-hitting poetry, or desi party anthems, will spotlight their artistry.

Complementing the talent is Royal Stag's innovative format, unveiling the passions within through immersive activations on-site. The 2024 edition aims at creating an unmatched live experience - blending music, culture, and talents mirroring an awakened generation of Indians.

Upcoming Music Concerts in Indore

Get your dose of thumping music at Indore, this Saturday, 2nd March, 2024 as the icons of Indian music join hands to create an unforgettable experience. The Royal Stag BoomBox comes up with the best combination of Melody and hip-hop. The most popular melody prince Armaan Malik, and the very talented Nikhita Gandhi, Ali Merchant, and Dino James will enthrall the audience. This event is definitely one of the most awaited ones!

Whether you are a connoisseur of Bollywood jams or energetic hip-hop music, this live music concert in Indore is all that you have been waiting for.

Upcoming Music Concerts in Pune

Royal Stag BoomBox is back with its flagship concert series in Pune, featuring a power-packed music lineup of musical voices, indie talents, and desi hip-hop that will create an electrifying experience for audiences. This amazing music festival in Pune is taking place on March 23 at The Mills, Pune.

Talented singer-songwriter Nikhita Gandhi is set to wow crowds with her signature soulful singing blended flawlessly with contemporary beats. Known for playback hits like 'Raabta' and 'Ghar More Pardesiya,' her on-stage charisma, versatile vocal range, and ability to transition between soft melodies and upbeat dance numbers oozes star power.

Playback heartthrob Armaan Malik, the voice behind countless Bollywood romances, will be performing his musical magic live exclusively in Pune. With beloved hits like 'Wajah Tum Ho', 'Pehla Pyaar,' and 'Naina' under his belt that dominate India's romantic playlists, his velvety voice tugs right at the heartstrings, especially in his concert avatars.

Adding to the excitement is India's leading female rapper Dee MC, renowned for her rapid-fire desi hip-hop laced with hard-hitting messaging. Blending genres effortlessly from classical music to earthy poetry, her lyrics pumped with social commentary, and her swaggering stage presence make her live act a rallying cry for her generation.

With this diverse yet talented lineup of artists, Royal Stag BoomBox promises to be a scorching concert experience for Pune, resonating with musical creativity. As always, they aim to spotlight groundbreaking independent talents and compelling new-age performers that echo the voice of today's youth.

Upcoming Music Concerts in Jaipur

Get ready for a fiery musical night in Jaipur as rapper-singer Badshah comes to the pink city, Jaipur! Topping charts with hits like 'DJ Wale Babu', 'Mercy,' and 'Paagal,' Badshah will surely ignite some restless dancing among fans. Alongside mainstream bangers, he is also renowned as a producer creating viral beats - so expect the hottest party anthems!

When it comes to hip-hop, we just can't miss the Royal Stag BoomBox Music Festival 2024. Badshah, Neeti Mohan, Dino James and Ali Merchant will make everyone dance to foot-tapping music. It is perhaps the biggest music festival happening in Jaipur on 16th March 2024 for all music lovers across the nation.

On the melodic front, playback darling Neeti Mohan brings her soulful pop songs for a delightful performance. Having voiced chartbusters like 'Jiya Re' and 'Ishq Wala Love', her incredible vocals range from hard-hitting dance beats to soft romantic tunes effortlessly.

Adding some raw, inspiring hip-hop flair is Dino James, known for his storytelling vibe through numbers like 'Loser' and 'Dooriyan' that touch issues close to home. Emerging as a youth icon, his resonant themes of overcoming life's struggles fill his gritty songs with a message of hope.


The Indian music scene in 2024 is set to be an electrifying mix of melody, rhythm, and soul, showcasing the rich diversity of the country's musical talent. With a calendar packed with performances from legendary artists and contemporary stars across various genres, music enthusiasts have a lot to look forward to.