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A Comprehensive List of Rohit Sharma's 200-Runs LARGE Records in ODI and Test Matches

  • Royal Stag Fan

  • 6 June 2024

Rohit Sharma has been instrumental in India's ascent in world cricket. Hailing from Maharashtra, Sharma was recognised as one of his generation's finest well before his record-breaking double centuries. His seemingly effortless ability to clear boundaries and his fluent gameplay have made him a nightmare for bowlers worldwide. This exceptional skill set sets Rohit Sharma apart among the current batch of batters.

How many times Rohit Sharma scored 200?

Sharma holds an unmatched record with four double-hundreds in his career - three in white-ball cricket and one in Test cricket. Achieving a double hundred in ODIs was once deemed nearly impossible until Sachin Tendulkar broke the barrier with his landmark double century in 2010. Rohit surpassed this milestone, scoring three double-centuries between 2013 and 2017. His highest ODI score, a staggering 264, was achieved in 2014. Sharma's extraordinary ability to achieve mammoth scores has solidified his place among cricket's elite.

Rohit Sharma's 200 runs record list

Here is a look at the Rohit Sharma 200 runs record list -

Runs Made Match Date and Opponent
209 2nd November 2013 against Australia
264 13th November 2014 against Sri Lanka
208* 17th December 2017 against Sri Lanka
212 19th October 2019 against South Africa (Test)

Rohit Sharma's 200 runs list in ODI match

Rohit Sharma's 200 in ODI cricket marked a turning point, especially after being promoted to open the innings. This strategic move proved instrumental as Sharma's prolific run-scoring ability flourished. Eden Gardens stands out among his favoured venues, witnessing some of his most memorable performances. In 2014, he etched his name in the cricketing scene with an astonishing 264, his highest ODI score, achieved on this very ground in front of a passionate home crowd.

Those Rohit Sharma's 200 runs came in just 173 balls. Sharma had already scored a double ton against Australia, making him the successor to Sachin Tendulkar. The third double-century on the Rohit Sharma 200 list was also scored against Sri Lanka in 2017. In this match, he scored a blistering 208* in Mohali.

Rohit Sharma's 200 runs in a test match

Rohit Sharma's impact extends beyond limited-overs cricket, as he emerges as a linchpin in India's Test line-up. Tasked with providing explosive starts, Sharma has risen to the occasion with an impressive Test average of 45.5. His prowess in the longest format is evident with 12 centuries to his credit, including a monumental double hundred.

The sole Rohit Sharma 200 in Test was scored against a formidable South African bowling attack in Ranchi. Displaying unparalleled skill and determination, he played a breathtaking innings of 212 runs that featured 28 fours and six sixes. This solitary double century is a testament to Sharma's ability to thrive under pressure and deliver when it matters most. As India's Test team looks to maintain its dominance globally, Sharma's contributions with the bat will undoubtedly remain a cornerstone of their success.

Wrapping Up

Renowned for his prowess on the cricket field, Rohit Sharma's hunger for glory has never burned brighter. As he steps into the captain's shoes for India, his sights are firmly set on the elusive World Cup title.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The answer to the question is Rohit Sharma. He has scored three double-centuries in one day and 1 double-century in test match

Yes, Rohit Sharma has scored three double-centuries in the ODI cricket match.

Rohit Sharma has scored 200 against Australia, Sri Lanka, and South Africa.