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Highest Six in ODI and T20 Cricket - Large Moment of Cricket

  • Royal Stag Fan

  • 6 June 2024

Cricket is a game of exhilarating moments, and nothing quite compares to the excitement of watching a batsman hit a huge six. In the fast-paced formats of ODI and T20 cricket, big sixes have become crucial to any successful run chase or large team total. Let's explore some of the prolific six hitters in these formats who have smashed the most number of maximums.

Highest Six in ODI Cricket

When it comes to hitting the most sixes in ODI cricket, Pakistan's Shahid Afridi tops the list. Known for his aggressive batting style, Afridi has blasted 351 sixes in his ODI career spanning over two decades (398 matches). His ability to tonk bowlers over the boundary with ease makes him one of the most feared hitters in limited-overs cricket.

Other prolific six-hitters in ODIs include Rohit Sharma, Chris Gayle and Sanath Jayasuriya, who have hit 331, 323, and 270, respectively. Thanks to their power-hitting and big-shot execution, these batsmen have consistently cleared the ropes many times in their careers.

Highest Sixes in ODI in One Match

Hitting sixes in cricket is an incredible display of power and timing. When executed perfectly, watching the ball sail high over the boundary rope is one of the most thrilling sights in the game. In ODI cricket, batsmen often aim to score quick runs by going for their big shots. On rare occasions, some players achieve the miraculous feat of smashing a remarkably high number of maximums in a single innings. In this list, Rohit Sharma is the only Indian cricketer who made a spot.Clearing the ropes over and over again in one match requires tremendous skill and athleticism. These explosive knocks contain some of the most dazzling six-hitting sprees fans have ever witnessed in the 50-over format.

Player Team Opposition Runs Balls 6s
Eoin Morgan England Afghanistan 148 71 17
Rohit Sharma India Australia 209 158 16
AB de Villiers South Africa West Indies 149 44 16
Chris Gayle West Indies Zimbabwe 215 147 16
Jaskaran Malhotra U.S.A. P.N.G. 173 124 16
Shane Watson Australia Bangladesh 185 96 15
Corey Anderson New Zealand West Indies 131 47 14
Chris Gayle West Indies England 162 97 14
Jos Buttler England Netherlands 162 70 14
Thisara Perera Sri Lanka New Zealand 140 74 13

Highest Sixes in T20 International

T20 cricket is all about thrill and excitement. With just 20 overs per team, batsmen often aim to score quickfire runs by hitting boundaries and massive sixes. Rohit Sharma tops the chart when it comes to having the highest number of sixes in T20 International cricket match.
In T20 cricket, the following are the leading six hitters in international cricket.

Player Matches Palyed Runs Highest Scored Runs 6s
Rohit Sharma (IND) 152 4026 121* 193
Martin Guptill (NZ) 122 3531 105 173
Paul Stirling (IRE) 143 3591 115* 128
Glenn Maxwell (AUS) 107 2468 145* 127
Jos Buttler (ENG) 117 3050 101* 127
Aaron Finch (AUS) 103 3120 172 125
Chris Gayle (WI) 79 1899 117 124
Muhammad Waseem (UAE) 53 1977 112 123
Suryakumar Yadav (IND) 61 2143 117 123
Eoin Morgan (ENG) 115 2458 91 120

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Frequently Asked Questions

Rohit Sharma is the undisputed leader when it comes to hitting sixes in international cricket. He has amassed an incredible 600 sixes across ODIs, Tests and T20Is during his illustrious career so far. This puts him comfortably ahead of other prolific hitters like Chris Gayle. Rohit's ability to consistently clear the ropes with ease makes him the standout six-hitting phenomenon in international cricket.

When it comes to T20 cricket, Rohit Sharma again tops the six-hitting charts. He has smashed the most number of sixes, 193, in T20 match history. His clean ball-striking and power-hitting skills make him a dominant force in the shortest format. Rohit's array of big shots all around the ground makes him the most prolific six-machine in T20 cricket.