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World Music Day 2024: When and Why it is Celebrated?

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    Royal Stag Fan

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    10 June 2024

Music is a universal language that has the power to unite people across cultures and borders. Every year on June 21st, World Music Day is celebrated to honour the magical gift of music and bring people together through musical harmony. As we look ahead to World Music Day 2024, let's explore the significance of this global music festival and how it continues to promote peace, joy and community building through the language of music.

When is World Music Day Celebrated?

In 2024, World Music Day will take place on Friday, June 21st. This date was specifically chosen as the summer solstice in the northern hemisphere, marking the longest day and shortest night of the year. The summer solstice has been celebrated in many cultures throughout history as a time of renewal, joy and community bonding.

Aligning World Music Day with the summer solstice taps into this celebratory spirit and brings people together on the longest day of light. Every year, June 21st unites music lovers worldwide as they gather for free concerts, street performances, musical flash mobs, and community singalongs.

Why We Celebrate World Music Day?

The first World Music Day was launched in France in 1982 by the French Minister of Culture, Jack Lang. He envisioned this holiday as a way to make music accessible to the wider public and to encourage amateur musicians to perform in the streets. World Music Day's motto was “Make music, not war.”

Since then, World Music Day has been adopted by over 120 countries as a time to celebrate the unifying power of music. It is based on the following ideals:

  • Promoting the value of music in everyday life
  • Bringing communities together through free music events
  • Providing a platform for amateur musicians to perform
  • Encouraging interaction and unity through music
  • Highlighting music from diverse cultures and genres
  • Spreading messages of peace and community bonding

World Music Day recognises that music has the power to touch us all, no matter where we are from or which language we speak. This holiday aims to unite the world in harmony by celebrating music's uplifting and joyful qualities.

History of World Music Day

After World Music Day's launch in France in 1982, it quickly spread to other countries that adopted the Fête de la Musique model. Germany organised similar music events in 1987, Italy in 1994, and the UK joined in holding free musical celebrations in 1995.

Over the years, more and more countries have established their own World Music Day events on June 21st. As of 2022, over 700 cities in 120 countries worldwide have signed on to participate in World Music Day celebrations.

Each year, these World Music Day celebrations continue to spread and engage more communities through the joy of music. It has become a global phenomenon that unites music lovers across borders, languages, generations and cultures.

How Royal Stag BoomBox is Blending Melody with Hiphop in India

One of India's most noteworthy music concert in India is Royal Stag BoomBox. This event brings established legends and talented rising stars across India to merge traditional Indian melodies with contemporary hip-hop beats.

Royal Stag BoomBox events have featured collaborations between hip-hop artists like Dino James and Badshah and popular Bollywood singers, including Neeti Mohan, Armaan Malik, Nikita Gandhi and many more. These unique cross-genre duets fuse the richness of Indian bollywood music with the edgy, high-energy delivery of hip-hop.

Young hip-hop artists get the opportunity to share the stage with their musical idols and reinvent iconic songs with their own modern twist. Meanwhile, veteran Bollywood singers reach wider new audiences by blending their vocal talents with rap flows.

These innovative crossovers perfectly capture the spirit of World Music Day by bringing together genres, generations, and cultures. As India joins the global celebration of musics unifying power, Royal Stag BoomBox provides a cutting-edge platform for established and emerging musicians to build bridges through song.

End Note

As World Music Day continues to unite the global community every June 21st, it serves as a timely reminder of music's universal power. At a time when the world faces divisions and conflicts, music has the unique ability to overcome differences and bring people together in peace and harmony.

Whether through large festivals, local street performances or musical flash mobs, World Music Day celebrations help renew our sense of community, joy and shared humanity through the heartwarming language of music.

As we look ahead to World Music Day 2024, these uplifting musical events will once again resonate with people across generations, cultures and borders. Music has always been the heartbeat of human connection - and World Music Day offers us an opportunity to rejoice in its uniting power.

Frequently Asked Questions

In 2024, World Music Day will be on Friday, June 21st, to align with the summer solstice.

World Music Day events in India are held on June 21st each year in cities nationwide. Major celebrations include concerts and music festivals

World Music Day aims to promote the value of music, bring communities together, provide a platform for amateur musicians, encourage unity through music and spread messages of peace.

The International Music Council coordinates World Music Day globally. Locally, events are organised by city councils, community groups, radio stations, music stores, and bands.

The first World Music Day was launched in France in 1982 and has now grown into a global phenomenon celebrated in over 700 cities across 120 countries.