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Most Maiden Overs Record in T20 International - Large Moment of Cricket

  • Royal Stag Fan

  • 9 June 2024

T20 cricket is synonymous with big hits, sky-high sixes and thrill-a-minute action. However, amidst the big-hitting carnage, there are some bowlers who have made their mark with controlled and economical bowling spells, delivering a high number of maiden overs. A maiden over, where a bowler concedes no runs off the 6 balls bowled in that over, is considered a mark of excellent bowling. Let's take a look at the bowlers with the most maiden overs record in T20 international cricket.

What is Maiden Over?

In cricket, a maiden over refers to an over where the bowler has not conceded a single run off their 6 balls. Neither batsman is able to score any runs through runs, byes, leg byes or penalties. A maiden over signifies the bowler's excellent line and length bowling, keeping the batsmen tied down. It builds pressure on the batting team by stemming the flow of runs. Maiden overs are highly valued in the shortest format of T20 cricket, where batsmen look to score quick runs. A bowler who can bowl tight maiden overs is an asset for any T20 side.

Top 5 Players Who have Most Maiden Overs in T20 international Cricket by 2024

Here are the top 5 bowlers with the most maiden overs record in T20 internationals as of 2024:

Player Span Matches Maiden Overs Runs Wkts BBI Econ
F Nsubuga (UGA) 2019-2024 56 17 915 57 3/9 4.79
Jasprit Bumrah (IND) 2016-2024 66 12 1507 82 3/7 6.36
SO Ngoche (KENYA) 2010-2024 84 12 1706 99 4/14 6.03
B Kumar (IND) 2012-2022 87 10 2079 90 5/4 6.96
Ghulam Ahmadi (GER) 2021-2023 41 10 898 49 5/23 5.86

*Most players on this list represent associate teams, except for Bumrah, Bhuvenashwar Kumar, and Mustafizur Rahman.

How Bumrah Made Most Maiden Overs Record

Jasprit Bumrah's incredible tally of 12 maiden overs, the highest in T20Is, has come on the back of his stellar accuracy, guile and variations. Some factors that have contributed to his high number of maidens:

  • Laser-guided yorkers: Bumrah has mastered the art of bowling yorkers at will, not giving batsmen any room. His searing toe-crushers have fetched him plenty of wicket maidens.
  • Subtle variations: He mixes up his pace cleverly, slipping in clever slower balls and cutters. His off-cutters and knuckleballs have flummoxed batsmen frequently.
  • Excellent death bowling: With his clever changes of pace and pinpoint accuracy, Bumrah throttles runs in the high-pressure death overs. His death bowling economy rate of 6.66 is exceptional.
  • Intelligent use of bouncer: Bumrah uses the bouncer judiciously as a surprise weapon, catching batsmen off-guard and not allowing them to get comfortable.
  • Immaculate line and length: Bumrah focuses on nailing his line and length ball after ball, not giving any freebies to batsmen. His metronomic accuracy has been tough to get away.

With his bagful of tricks, adaptability and consistency, Jasprit Bumrah has established himself as a maiden-over machine in T20 cricket.


A maiden over takes skill, guts and unwavering focus - qualities that the very best T20 bowlers possess. The ability to bowl miserly spells and create sustained pressure in the slam-bang T20 format is no mean feat. The bowlers with the knack of delivering maidens regularly have become valuable commodities in T20 leagues around the world. As batters continue to dominate T20 cricket, the role of bowlers who can squeeze in those tight maiden overs will only grow in importance.

So next time there is a maiden over in a T20 game, spare a thought for the bowler who planned and executed it flawlessly. It is indeed a special moment amidst the chaos of T20 cricket.

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