Melody, rhythm, rage, raga and much more is coming to your town! Royal Stag Boombox Live in Dehradun on 29th April at Rajeev Gandhi Cricket Stadium is bringing the best of Bollywood and Hip Hop. Indulge in a unique collaboration of blockbuster Bollywood  singers and gritty Hip Hop artists at our live music venue. A night of pure extravaganza studded with famous Indian singers featuring the charismatic Armaan Malik alongside Neeti Mohan, EPR and DJ Yogii. A cultural movement with rhymes that rage, melodies that soothe and beats that drop extra hard. Where b-boying, beatboxing, graffiti, and a lot more art forms become the expression of the generation large. Come witness history in the making at Royal Stag Boombox Live – the original sound of generation large!

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